We are committed to protecting the environment. As a business, Refmac strives to make socially responsible decisions and to manufacture signs in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. If you're Looking for a signage partner that shares your corporate commitment to environmental responsibility, look no further than Refmac.

Beginning in 2014, Refmac transitioned to being a “paperless office”. Not only has this shift helped us to respond to the needs of our clients more rapidly, it has also virtually eliminated many types of expenditures. Our savings are directly translated into lower costs for our customers.

We make a habit of recycling both everyday items such as soda cans, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, and paper, as well as scrap materials from the shop.
We Routinely Recycle the Following Types of Materials:

    Fluorescent Lamps
    Neon Glass
    Aerosol Spray Cans
    Solvent Rags
    Other materials as applicable

Refmac has implemented ecologically friendly practices throughout our manufacturing process to help protect our environment, conserve natural resources and decrease operating costs without compromising the quality of signs we produce. Our Green Initiatives may complement your own sustainable practices and green building efforts. In choosing Refmac as your national sign supplier, you support your corporate mission of environmental responsibility.
Protecting the Health and Well-Being of Our Employees and Community Through:

    HVLP Painting Systems
    State-of-the-Art Particulate Filtration
    Engineering Controls
    Extensive Training
    Monthly Safety Meetings
    Comprehensive Safety and Materials Logs

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