All signs are fabricated at Refmac Signs using our unique manufacturing process. What makes our process so exceptional is that we have implemented the concepts, techniques, and practices of “Lean” manufacturing. Our “Just-In-Time” production of signs is driven by the “pull” of your unique needs, rather than being motivated by the more wasteful “push” methods employed by standard mass-production sign manufacturers. “Pull” processing ensures that we complete your projects, without waste, to your exact, singular specifications.

We have set an unmatched precedent in the sign industry for efficiency, quality, and speed by use of lean manufacturing principles. We apply these same concepts to our labor and materials management processes, allowing us to rapidly produce unique signs of exceptional quality and also save you time and money.

Refmac’s mission is to create the signage products you need on time, on budget, and at the highest level of quality. Our manufacturing method is key to achieving our mission. We utilize Just-In-Time manufacturing. This manufacturing process minimizes steps, that means no wasted time and no confusion. Your order stays together every step of the way. Many of our master fabricators have been with Refmac for 15 years, and others have been with us for 20-25 years. Their experience gives our company strength.

The Refmac manufacturing process begins with the raw materials. A dedicated work force is responsible for supplying materials necessary for a job, that way the fabricators can focus on their tasks. Now a job that could take 100 hours can be completed in 40 hours. That’s the power of Just-In-Time manufacturing with Refmac.

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